Vehicle Servicing

When buying a new car, the warranty that it comes with provides a layer of financial protection from mechanical faults on the part of the manufacturer, giving the buyer an important measure of peace of mind with their purchase. To maintain the warranty, it's often required that the car undergo regular logbook services with a reputable mechanic. Your dealer may try to convince you that their own mechanic must conduct these logbook services, but in truth you can save the added hassle and cost and bring your vehicle to Kamson Mechanical Services instead!

Our team of experienced mechanics can provide logbook servicing for all petrol, diesel and power vehicles, catching any major mechanical problems before they develop, and allowing you to maintain your warranty without the hassle and extra cost of taking your vehicle back to the dealership.

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Steering & Suspension

Wear and tear in your steering and suspension systems can result in poorer or less responsive handling, 'play' in the steering wheel, body roll when going through corners and a host of other ride comfort issues.

Our team of experienced mechanics can check your vehicle's steering and suspension for problems before they become serious liabilities, replacing worn car springs, bushings and shock absorbers as well as servicing your vehicle's steering column and power steering system. We can also perform wheel balancing and alignment, to further improve your vehicle's handling, ride comfort, and tyre durability.

To find out more about what our team can do for your vehicle's steering and suspension, give us a call today.

Brake Services

Your vehicle's brakes are arguably its most important safety feature. It's also one of your vehicle's areas most subject to wear and tear, especially with the stop-start nature of city driving.

We're able to provide your vehicle with a host of brake services, from fitting replacement brake pads, rotors, or drums to checking your brake hoses for fluid leaks or cracks.

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Air Conditioning

In Australia, no other ride comfort feature is more important than a working air conditioning system. In the warmer months, driving without a working air con can be torturous at best, and impossible at worst.

Our experienced team at Kamson Mechanical Services can service your vehicle's air conditioning, checking hoses and seals for gaps and leaks that develop in cooler months, which can drain away the effectiveness of your air conditioning when you need it. Once we're confident the system is in top shape, we can also re-gas it, priming your air con for use and letting you keep your car cool.

If your experience behind the wheel is getting a little hot under the collar, bring your vehicle in for an air conditioning check by contacting us today!

Clutch & Transmission

If you're having trouble shifting gears or keeping your vehicle in gear, or if you're experiencing strange noises or smells from under the car, it typically means there might be trouble building in your vehicle's transmission.

Our team of experienced mechanics can service your vehicle's drivetrain, solving issues with your vehicle's clutch pedal and cable, as well as servicing, repairing or outright replacing faulty manual or automatic transmissions.

If you're looking for someone to get your vehicle's transmission back into gear, give us a call today!

Radiator & Cooling

Keeping your engine cool is essential to proper vehicle maintenance. If your cooling system fails, the resulting overheating engine can lead to an expensive engine rebuild or reconditioning if you aren't careful.

We're able to give your vehicle's cooling system a thorough inspection, repairing and replacing cracked or leaking hoses and valves as required, as well as your vehicle's thermostat. We're also able to replace faulty or damaged radiator units and conduct coolant flushes to clear blockages in the system, all to get your cooling system back in working order.

If your vehicle's starting to overheat, bring it in to Kamson Mechanical Services for a cooling check. Give us a call today!

Auto-Electrical & Diagnostics

As cars become more and more sophisticated, a greater focus is being put on having the vehicle's electrical system in working order. A loose wire or an underpowered battery can cause problems across your vehicle's entire network of devices and features, causing issues in anything from your in-car stereo to your indicators, anti-lock brakes or airbag deployment.

Our experienced mechanics use the latest Snap-On diagnostic equipment to check your vehicle's electronics for faults, allowing us to quickly locate and repair problems with your vehicle's electrics. We can also check that your alternator, starter motor and battery are all doing their job as intended, and replace faulty or underperforming electrical parts.

To find out more about our auto-electrical services, give us a call today!

Other Services

In addition to the above, Kamson Mechanical Services offers a range of additional services, including:

  • including brakes, auto-electrical and suspension
  • Pick-up and drop-off service in the local area
  • Courtesy cars available on prior request

To find out more, give us a call today!